Ainu Culture Tradition Creation Center Onne cise

【Lake Akan Ainu Culture Tradition and Creation】
In the Ainu language, Onne means "big / near completion" and Chise means "house". "Onnetise" is a symbol built in the center of Lake Akan Ainu Kotan, and is an art museum of Lake Akan Ainu that keeps tradition and creates new culture. The works that can only be seen here are exhibited by the people who live here. A collection of traditional rituals and daily necessities, the works of masters who once played an active part in this area, and the crafts of the creators of the Lake Akan Ainu who live in the present. The name "Onnetise" is based on the desire of Lake Akan Ainu to continue progressing while preserving tradition and to "close to completion." Lake Akan Ainu works are waiting for you.

CONTENTSWhat you can experience

  • Inherit the history and traditions
    The coexistence with nature that the Ainu people have always cherished.
    Items used in traditional rituals such as ikupasuy and tuki used for praying to nature as kamuy (god).
    Thanking nature and using what you are given with care.
    Clothes such as Ruunpe and Cinciri that have been created over a long time with the user in mind, crafts such as ita, and jewelry that have been acquired and inherited through trade.
    Many wood carving works by masters sharpening their skills at Lake Akan Ainu Kotan in the past.
    You can meet the works inherited by Lake Akan Ainu Kotan in one place.
  • Get in touch with the Lake Akan Ainu people who live presently
    The Lake Akan Ainu people are not only keeping their traditions but are constantly creating.
    At Onne cise, we exhibit the artworks of Lake Akan Ainu people who live here in the present and introduce their charm.
    The displays by the folk craft shops lining up at the entrance of Onne cise in Lake Akan Ainu Kotan are full of the individuality of the shop and their creators.
  • Create while sharing the spirituality
    Respect the nature and use the blessing received from kamuy with care and without a waste.
    Think about the other people and put your feelings into each move.
    Onne cise offers a menu of Ainu culture experience.
    In the guided tour of Ainu culture, "Anytime, Ainutime!" You can experience creating mukkuri (harmonica), embroidery, and wood carving.
    For groups of 5 or more, we recommend a group experience plan for embroidery and wood carving.
    Please contact us as we can also support the experience of cooking Ainu meals.
  • Unleash your feelings and prayers
    The Ainu people express prayers for kamuy and gratitude for the nature in words, items used in rituals, songs and dances.
    Onne cise has a stage and a fireplace where we are planning to introduce and perform kamuynomi, songs and dances.

INFORMATIONFacility overview

To all visitors

For a safe and "sparse" stay at Lake Akan Onsen, which is rich in nature.

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Onnecise's efforts
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  • Thorough health management.
  • Ventilate frequently.
  • A certain distance is taken.
  • Please cough etiquette and wash your hands.
For customers
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