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Irankarapte! This is Akanko Ainu Kotan.

"Irankarapte" means "Hello" in the Ainu language. Lake Akan Hot Spring is located in the west area of Akan Mashu National Park which is in the eastern part of Hokkaido. Akanko Ainu Kotan, village of traditional crafts and dance, is located here in the onsen village alongside Lake Akan and its legendary marimo algae spheres. In the Kotan (village), the Akanko Ainu Theater <Ikor> hosts ancient ceremonial dances and puppet shows, and you can learn about the traditional Ainu lifestyle and culture at the Ainu Living Memorial Hall. We also host fascinating events like Mukkuri (mouth harp) playing sessions to join and oral history performances. There are also tens of traditional craft and souvenir shops, as well as restaurants and coffee shops serving Hokkaido and Ainu cuisine. If you come to Lake Akan, you simply must drop by the Ainu Kotan!


  • Lake Akan Ainu Theater <Ikor>

    Lake Akan Ainu Theater <Ikor>

    Ikor means "treasure" in the Ainu language, and is a place to share Ainu culture Come see the ancient ceremonial dance of the Ainu.

  • Ainu Ancient Ceremonial Dance

    Ainu Ancient Ceremonial Dance

    Nationally Designated Important Intangible Folk Culture Asset Registered UNESCO World Intangible Heritage

  • アイヌ文化とアイヌ民族

    Ainu Culture and the Ainu People

    "The pride and passion of the people"
    who give thanks to the kamuy as they live on these lands,
    passing their stories from generation to generation.

  • アイヌ文化体験プラン

    Ainu Culture Experience Plan

    Offering truly moving experiences surrounded by Lake Akan's natural wonders.

  • Ainu Cultural Heritage Digital Pamphlet

    Ainu Cultural Heritage Digital Pamphlet

    Learn about Lake Akan's Ainu Culture Connections between Forest and Lake

  • The Epic Story of the Fire God

    The Epic Story of the Fire God

    Prayers and dance to carry the people's wishes the "Ape" Hucikamuy, the spirit of fire.