Traditional Craft Shops and Restaurants

About Traditional Craft Shops and Restaurants

Lake Akan Ainu Kotan has over 20 folk craft shops, each with their own unique charm. They abound with woodcraft, accessories, decorations, mukkuri and more, including original works from world-famous woodcarvers, and beautiful Ainu patterned embroidery. After you're done shopping you can take a rest at one of our restaurants or cafes, and make some wonderful memories to take home after your trip.

  • Traditional Craft Shops and Restaurants
  • Traditional Craft Shops and Restaurants

Map of Akanko Ainu Kotan

Map of Akanko Ainu Kotan

  • ① Debo's Shop

    ① Debo's Shop

    This shop focuses on a stock of one-of-a-kind and original items. This shop redefines the word "original!"

  • ② Hikawa Craft Art Shop

    ② Hikawa Craft Art Shop

    The faces and Japanese rose flowers with traditional chain carving are well worth a look. You're sure to be surprised!

  • ③ Yukkureppu

    ③ Embroidery Workshop Yukkureppu

    This shop carries carefully selected original wall hangings with hand-made embroidery and traditional clothing. They also have a large number of simple wood carvings.

  • ④ Jissen Studio

    ④ Jissen Studio

  • ⑤ Kuroyuri-ya

    ⑤ Kuroyuri-ya

    Featuring a wide variety of traditional Ainu embroidery, which are original works of an 81-year-old huci (grandmother).

  • ⑥ I Mosir

    ⑥ I Mosir

    Why not take a walk in the woods and learn about Ainu culture at the same time? This shop offers mountain climbing guides and bouldering.

  • ⑦ Oina Craft Shop

    ⑦ Oina Craft Shop

    Please stop by and browse our wide selection of unique carved wood crafts, including family crests, unique accessories made in-house, and artisanal tableware.

  • ⑧ Epo Epo

    ⑧ Epo Epo

    All the goods here are shop originals. It's filled with unique items.

  • ⑨ Hapo's Shop

    ⑨ Hapo's Shop

    We want the world to enjoy the beautiful world of Ainu patterns, each one made with care by hand. This shop can teach about the wide variety and deep interest of traditional Ainu crafts.

  • ⑩ Chinita Folk Craft Shop

    ⑩ Chinita Folk Craft Shop

    This well-lit, orderly shop has a very good range of stock. It carries many goods like Ainu pattern memo pads, vertical stationery, plastic file folders, and more.

  • ⑪ Taira

    ⑪ Taira

    The Ainu name of this shop, 'Ni Keure Cise', means 'house of woodcarving'. As the name suggests, we specialize in the Ainu tradition of woodcarving. We particularly recommend our sophora wood carvings of kotankoro (Blakiston's fish owl).

  • ⑫ Osarun Bekkotan

    ⑫ Osarun Bekkotan

    This wood carving specialty shop focuses on carving in the Lake Akan Ainu tradition. It has a full range of wooden accessories.

  • ⑬ Kuma no Ya

    ⑬ Kuma no Ya

    Our woodcarvings and original t-shirt cloth products are very popular! We now offer deer leather goods as well! Don't miss the collection of works by master woodcarver Fujito in our basement gallery!

  • ⑭ Cikapset

    ⑭ Nitayunkuru

    A giant sophora tree engraved with Ainu patterns greets visitors. Inside, you can observe artisans as they carve owls, koro-pok-guru (small forest people said to bring good luck), and more.

  • ⑮ Yukar-do

    ⑮ Yukar-do

    Our shop specializes in 'toko nuburi', intricate wood carvings themed on Ainu spirits. The inside of the shop is set up as a gallery.

  • ⑯ San Ramanto

    ⑯ San Ramanto

    A number of popular, guidebook-listed souvenirs, such as 'ninguru' and 'koro-pok-guru' forest spirits as well as other accessories, can only be found at our shop!

  • ⑰ Ichinge Shop

    ⑰ Ichinge Shop

    Once operated by the late famed artist and master woodcarver Masamitsu Takiguchi, this welcoming shop is full of breathtaking wood art to enjoy. Takiguchi's successor is now practicing to master the craft!

  • ⑱ Pirika Folk Craft Shop

    ⑱ Pirika Folk Craft Shop

    We deal with various handmade items, such as ainu's traditional amulet, "kamuy nipopo". We also sell many accessories.

  • ⑲ Marukibune

    ⑲ Marukibune

    Moshiri's original, genuine born-in-the-north CD series, 'Soulful Ainu Music' is now on sale! Try our soup curry as well.

  • ⑳ Kotan-ya

    ⑳ Kotan-ya

  • ㉓ This shop offers a wide range of original handmade goods like fox fruit picks as well as Kamuy Nipopo accessories.

    ㉑ Folk art cafe Polonno

    This cafe is a place to relax and enjoy old-fashioned flavors. Traditional Ainu Food Cafe Poronno's Official Website

  • ㉒ Matsuneshiri Folk Craft Shop

    ㉒ Matsuneshiri Folk Craft Shop

    This shop offers a wide range of original handmade goods like fox fruit picks as well as Kamuy Nipopo accessories.

  • ㉔ Folk Craft Shop Korpokkur

    ㉓ Folk Craft Shop Korpokkur

    This Ainu store proudly carries on thirty years of tradition. This shop overflows with all kinds of accessories, unique pieces and korpokkur dolls (tiny luck-bringing forest spirits).

  • ㉕ Flavor of the North Banya

    ㉔ Flavor of the North Banya

    We recommend the venison dishes, Ainu dishes with gyoja garlic, or the gyoja garlic ramen here.